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    About us

    We are a customer oriented company

    Who are we? 

    The Internet is a media that develops at an amazing speed. The openness to Internet specific culture may give new incentives to business-oriented users.

    We do know to successfully direct it with the correct orientation and in accordance with the customer requirements.


    Over time, the company has grown, forming us into a young and enthusiastic team, and our main goal is the work for providing the best solutions for your business / activity.


    DC Tech Solutions is a company which develops clever web solutions for the management of information. We are experts in transforming the information existing in companies into solutions smart and useful for business. We aim at outlining that information that may assist you in the effective organization of the business model.


    The main industries on which the company business is focused are retail, transport and logistics, financial services, HORECA, services provision, design and utilities. The company is also able to offer software solutions for other existing industries such as governmental, telecom, automotive, constructions.