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    Web solutions are applications which can be accessed from a network such as the Internet or Intranet.

    What are web solutions and what they mean?


    Web solutions are applications that can be accessed from a network (Network), such as the Internet or Intranet.


    They are used due to the omnipresence of available web browsers (Internet Explorer, Mozilla/ Firefox, Google Chrome) as well as the ease of using a web browser as access customer.


    The capability to update and maintain web applications without being needed the IT infrastructure and software installation on beneficiary’s computers is a very important reason in their development.
    Most used web applications are common and include online shops, online auctions, management of a company activity by using one or more modules, online resource center (is used by large companies to manage audio and video resources of image and brand), easy transfer of data and files without the need of hardware support.


    Among our activities is also included the performance of customized software solutions that come to cover the needs of our customers and partners;


    The solutions are adaptable and scalable to subsequent changes in various fields of business.
    We provide complete solutions in all phases of the business process, from needs identification and modeling, drawing up specifications, implementation of the project and its testing as well as subsequent maintenance.


    Our main purpose is to provide a standard that would be comprehensible to all customers;


    DC Tech Solutions makes available for you software solutions with wide applicability that will be perfectly adapted to the needs of your company: